Sewage & Wastewater

Sewage & Wastewater

Underground Water Storage Tanks

SEWAGE HOLDING / WASTEWATER TREATMENT installations using Darco Underground Tanks must be engineered and approved for each specific application. Since the smallest septic tank we manufacture is 2700 gallons our systems are normally too large for single family homes.

Darco wastewater treatment and storage tanks are more likely to be used in commercial sites, restaurants, campgrounds, and other applications requiring a larger process capacity.  Darco Staff will work with your Wastewater Engineer to generate a design for approval by the Local Authority having jurisdiction over on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems.

Our fiberglass and polyethylene tanks are also commonly used as sewage holding vaults where no public sewer is available and on-site treatment is not feasible. Sewage vaults generally run from 4,000 to 10,000 gallons in capacity. Vaults must also be designed and approved for each specific application and site.  Such tanks must be routinely pumped by a licenced wastewater transporter.

Darco tanks are preferred by Building Officials in environmentally sensitive areas because they are manufactured as a one-piece vessel without seams, completely water tight, and unaffected by the acids which attack concrete tanks.